A Boy And His Puppy

I never had a “thing” growing up that I had to have with me at all times. Not a blanket, a doll or a pacifier. When my oldest child, Chase, began carrying a stuffed puppy around at the age of 1, I was amused. I wondered how long it would be his “security blanket” and when he would tire of it.

“Puppy,” as Chase named him years ago has been through everything with our family. He has been carried around by his neck so much that he has actually changed shape and his little nose has been chewed and sucked on countless times. There have only been a handful of times that he has not been by Chase’s side while he is sleeping, still to this day.

It makes me sad to think that some time in the near future Puppy won’t be needed any more. It actually makes me tear up to think that he will outgrow his little friend that has been by his side through so much. I can handle the out growing of clothes and even the start of Kindergarten in the fall, however, giving up Puppy will be hard for me.

 On the flip side, my other fear is that Puppy WILL be needed for the rest of his life. Going off to college with him, helping him pick out his dates and then again as one of his groomsmen. I picture Chase’s future wife wearing my future grandchild in a front pack while Chase walks with Puppy in his. These are one of the many things I stay up at night thinking about…..sick, I know.

Does your child have a special “lovey” or “security blanket” they have had with them since birth? How are you going to ensure that they aren’t still sleeping with it when they are 21?

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  1. avatar Stacie says:

    Think about it this way, perhaps you future grandchild will get to be roomies with Puppy…?
    My oldest son, who is now 16, no longer feels the need to sleep with Mr. Bear, but he is still roommates with him. Quite adorable. ♥ And I started cracking up at the part about the future groomsman part, I could totally see my son doing that….

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