7 Disturbing Habits

I get emails, daily it seems, from Babycenter.com. Usually, I just delete them after reading the title but today I was intrigued by the 7 disturbing toddler habits title. I was fully aware that the 2 toddlers in my household probably did all 7 of them. I even assumed that our household may be over achievers and could add, at least 7 more to the list. Upon clicking the link these were the 7 Disturbing Toddler Habits:

  • Head banging
  • Masturbation
  • Nail-biting
  • Nose-picking
  • Pacifiers and your toddler
  • Swearing and potty talk
  • Thumb-sucking

Um….hello?? Did I read that list correctly? Your article, is what is disturbing Babycenter! I am most disturbed by the fact that I do more on that list then THEY do!

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