6 Things I Learned About Garage Sales

We spontaneously bought a new house and rented our current house out this past week. People who know me weren’t surprised by this sudden decision I made since I have a different “plan” each week…depending on my mood.

One thing my husband Pete and I have learned over the course of the past week is that we have acquired a lot of crap stuff over the years. This family of five was ready to purge before the big move so this weekend I decided to have a garage sale. I am fairly new to the garage sale world and would like to share these 6 things that I learned.

  1. Now that Facebook is so prevalent, people prefer for you to post a picture of something for sale before they hop in their car and make the 1.5 mile journey to come see it in person.
  2. No matter what has a $1 sticker on it, people will always offer 50 cents.
  3. When you explain to them that the never used vase that is still in the box with the price sticker of $24.99 on it is worth the $1 value, they will put it back because they couldn’t get it for 50 cents.
  4. The items that are NOT for sale, (i.e. scissors and tape used for making signs, single Toms shoe my daughter left in the drive way, my laptop I was using, the camping chair I was sitting in), are usually the most desirable objects.
  5. The most random things sell quicker then the normal things.
  6. People like to critique garage sale signs and give you advice on what you should have done and where you should have put them, even though they obviously got them there.

Who knew that having a garage sale could be so much fun! Friends and family members stopped by to hang out, and even brought Skinny Girl Mojitos and lattes for us to enjoy in the driveway. I made money for my family and got rid of a ton of items that we now don’t have to lug over to the new house. Today is Monday, and already I am looking around the house in hopes that I can get together another pile of items so that I can have another one next weekend!


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