5 Things I Learned From My Toddlers

With the recent birthdays of my two oldest children, I have decided to reflect on what I have learned from them. Although they are only ages 3 and 5, I realize that they may already have a lot of the answers.

The way we should greet our loved ones. My husband gets home from work at approximately 5:07 P.M. each week night. The second that garage door goes up all three of my kids go ape %^$&. Not only are they jumping up and down and screaming “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy,” at the top of their lungs but they drop whatever they are doing to greet him at the door. All of them throw their arms around him and I watch the affect that this has on him. He is greater than Santa and more fun then Disneyland to the three little people in our home. I often think that our already wonderful marriage might be just a tad bit more wonderful if maybe I showed that same kind of silly excitement when greeting him at the door each day. I will begin to make that more of a priority.

Never hold a grudge. I get mad at my kids, or frustrated as I like to call it, many times a day. Whether they aren’t listening or testing the limits with their potty talk I am always forced to be in drill sergeant mode. “Because I am the Mommy, that’s why,” is a constant phrase I use around the house. I am constantly amazed at the fact that no matter how much yelling I may do, or whatever reprimands I have given, they never hold a grudge and love me unconditionally.




Costumes make you happier. I am in the same sweats and t-shirt (and robe) throughout the day. My hair is slicked back in a pony tail and I usually have someone’s food on some part of my face. I have come to terms with this. Reese and Chase, however, change into costumes periodically through out the day. It is very common for me to have breakfast with a Knight and Princess, lunch with Captain America and another Princess, and dinner with a Pirate…and yet ANOTHER Princess. They dance around the house, laughing hysterically and have the greatest time just dressing up in their fun costumes. Being silly is FUN…..dressing up is FUN….we should all have more FUN!

Money doesn’t buy happiness. Ok, ok, so this one is a pretty standard saying that we should all learn from. I always say, yeah, yeah, but money can buy things….that can make you happy. If you ask either one of my toddlers what their favorite things to do are, they will say walk to Starbucks with the family and have a picnic at the park or if it is raining, underneath the dining room table. They get the biggest thrills from helping me make smoothies, building forts and dancing around the house. Don’t get me wrong, they do ask for every.single.thing when we walk in the door at Target but it’s the experiences that fill their faces with joy. I love that about them, the little things actually makes them truly happy.

Persistence pays off. This one I learn a little too often. If you ask someone for something over and over again pretty soon they are going to give in. If you want fruit snacks…don’t just ask for them once…..ask 20 times and then you will most likely get them. You’re welcome!



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  1. avatar Suzie says:

    I will ask my kids if they want something until they say yes. You want peas? After 20 times I follow with I knew you wanted peas.

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