4 Suggestions For Living Social & Groupon

Dear Living Social & Groupon,

I have been very pleased with your deals each week for the past couple of years now. I have managed to get a few massages, facials, hair cuts, wine tastings, hot yoga classes, kids classes, plants, painting classes, vacations, dinners, etc from your wonderful site and would like to say, “Bravo”.

However, I do have some suggestions…. in case you were looking for some more categories. Please see the list below and let me know if I can be of further assistance to you.

  • Co pays (You see, I have paid $120 just in co pays this month alone. That is $20 a pop….6 visits. How about pay $50 for a $100 gift card for co-pays?



  • Gas gift cards. I haven’t stumbled upon a Shell or Arco deal yet but would be very excited if I logged on to your website and saw a deal which brought down the price of gas for my gas guzzler of a car.



  • Super Nanny. You know the show Super Nanny? Well why can’t you arrange something with that network and let us purchase a deal where for say $20 she can come to our house for the day and whip our kids into shape?



  • Vacations for kids. Now, I am not talking about “family” vacations…I know you already do those, in fact we just got back from Great Wolf Lodge, which we purchased from you. I am talking about a deal where I can stay at my own home but my kids can go on some fabulous trip by themselves. I think it would really help build their character.

I am sure that your team there is very busy creating new and wonderful deals for the general public, but all I ask is that you keep me, a stay at home mom of 3, in mind the next time you have a deal idea meeting. Thanks in advance!


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