4 Forever

Chase has been invited to numerous birthday parties for friends who are turning 5 over the past months and I have started to notice there is a trend. Today for example, Chase came home from school with an invitation from his friend. We opened it up excitedly and then he gave me “that look,” the one he has been doing lately.

Chase: “Is Morea turning 5?”

Me: “Yes, Chase, hence the sign she is holding in the picture that says 5 on it. You are invited to her birthday party.”

Chase, “Then I don’t want to be her friend anymore since she is older then me!”

Although this quickly blows over and he forgets all about it, I am always amazed that this is his initial response.

It’s funny to think about what Chase is competitive about. Clearly his age is one. What also upsets him is when his friends have a bigger car then ours. Or when a car is in front of us he is annoyed that it must be faster then ours.

Watching him on the soccer or t-ball field and you would never know that this sweet little boy is competitive. He is probably just standing there wondering how old you are, and what kind of car your parents drive!


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  1. avatar denise opsahl says:

    he is too funny! at least he doesn’t have much chance to be upset that other parents are taller than his! or funnier 😉

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