13 Reasons I Think Every Day Is Ground Hogs Day!

Pretty much every day is Ground Hogs Day around here. Sure, occasionally I get to leave for a couple of hours to get my hair done or to get a filling at the dentists office, but most every day is the same routine around this house…..the exact same routine. I decided to sit down and list the top reasons it feels like Ground Hogs Day, again.


  • “Is it good morning time?” is the first thing out of Reese’s mouth when she wakes up, every morning.
  • Chase yells from his room while getting dressed, “is it going to be hot out or cold out today?” while selecting his outfit.
  • At precisely 6:40 am Chase panics and says that we need to get to the bus stop so he can be “first in line.” I assure him that we have exactly 1 hour and 20 minutes until the bus will be at the stop, but he insists that we must leave THAT SECOND and I can just wait in the car if we get there too early.
  • At  6:45,6:50,6:55, 7:00, 7:05 (you get the picture), Chase and I get into more arguments about how we HAVE TO LEAVE THAT SECOND. I tell him to stop bringing it up, he doesn’t stop, ever.
  • Chase feels the need to remind me that he wants a bagel and cream cheese for lunch and that he ONLY wants half and to not put too much cream cheese on it.
  • After I put Lane down for her afternoon nap, Reese tells me that she is a big girl now and doesn’t take naps….as if I had forgotten since the last time she told me….YESTERDAY!
  • Chase shows me how he can make farting sounds using his hand and his armpit when he gets home from school.
  • Reese shows me how she can make farting sounds using her hand and her armpit when Chase gets home from school.
  • After Chase’s shower he yells, “is it going to be hot or cold tonight?” across the house so he knows whether to wear his summer or winter pajamas. (Yes, I have tried telling him that it is going to be COLD out for a long time and that I will inform him when it is HOT out again….but he still feels the need to ask…..every.single.night!)
  • Chase asks me to “scratch his back long” before I leave his room for the night.
  • He then tells me to “scratch it longer,” when I stop.
  • Pete and I meet on the couch downstairs in the family room after all 3 kids are put to bed.
  • 10 minutes later at least one of them yells for us saying, “I can’t sleep, put my blanket on or I am hungry.”


I could have added more things to the list that happen on most days….but this is just the list of what happens EVERY SINGLE DAY! Happy Groundhogs Day everyone!!




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