10 Things That Make Me Angry

I am not an angry person. Generally I am found laughing and smiling on most days (when not yelling at my kids), so don’t let this list change your rosy opinion about me.


  • Baby wipe containers. Since my one year old HATES to have her diapers changed, I am usually pinning her down to the ground with one hand while trying to make sure she doesn’t yank her poopy diaper with the other. I would just like a little cooperation from the baby wipe companies and make it a little easier to get those suckers out of the package! Do they all have to stick together and do they think I have the time on  to go searching for the middle fold in order to pull them out?
  • The bigger the size the longer the clothing. Since when did tall go hand in hand with bigger width wise? Why is it that the smaller sized clothing is like baby gap clothes on me and the ones that are long enough could fit two of me in them??
  • Sippy cups that advertise no leaking. Yep, right there in bold letters…NO LEAKING. Then, the second you put liquid in them the leak all over the place. Who can I sue?
  • Dirty clothes hung and put away in the kids rooms. “Go clean your rooms,” does not mean….”go shove all of your dirty clothing back in the drawers, Capeesh????”
  • Kids snacking. No matter how much my kids have had for dinner they always want a snack and milk before bed time. They could have seriously eaten a 5 course meal 15 minutes prior but for some reason when they hear it is bed time they are STARVING!
  • Children’s toy packaging. I’m sorry toy companies….would you like us to just buy the toy and stare at it in the box all day??? Years ago were there a bunch of toy thieves running around stores yanking toys out of their boxes until one day, the head honcho said, “let’s make it so that nobody will ever be able to get this toy out of the box ever again!” Thanks….now nobody wants to steal OR buy them!
  • “The word Mommy said 397 times a day.” I am pretty sure that this word is over used in this household and I am very upset by it. “My names not Mommy!” (Hmmm…that seems like a good title for something….)
  • Words that you can’t sound out. Teaching my 5 year old to read is all fun and games until we get to words like know and phoneEspecially, since the first half of the book I have been saying, “just sound it out.”
  • Changing fashions. It usually takes me atleast a year to accept and even like the newest fashions. I get on board one year later just in time for the next fashion to come in to play. Meanwhile…I am in last years style. (Ok, who are we kidding…sweats and t-shirts are never actually in style!)
  • Medication commercials. Seems like a lot of false advertising when the first 3/4 of the commercial is all shits and giggles. They entice us…make us feel like there is a magic pill that will make everything rainbows and unicorns and then some speed talker at the end of the commercial rambles off the 324 ways you could die by taking this “prescription.” No thanks…I will keep my anxiety and depression in exchange for LIFE!


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3 Responses to 10 Things That Make Me Angry

  1. avatar Suzie says:

    You hit the nail on the head with these. For the baby wipe thing I would open the baby wipes pull a few out lay them across my leg and then change the baby. It helps out A LOT.
    Tampon,pad and erectile dysfunction commercials are annoying to, especially when they play them during the day time and kids hear.

  2. avatar Jules says:

    Children’s toy packaging is my pet hate too!!

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