10 Things I love About Motherhood

Motherhood is something that most of us are thrust into at some point in our lives with no real training or background. A baby is handed to you after months of not being able to see your ankles you are expected to “not screw up.”

I am not an authority figure on being a mom, I don’t claim to be. I may have 3 kids but I have only been doing this for roughly 5 years. If I retired right now I don’t even think I would qualify for a rolex or whatever the going retirement gift is that companies give out now a days. I do know however, that there are many things that I LOVE about Motherhood and I’ll take those over a rolex any day.

  • The joy in my kids eyes when they see me. Whether it is in the morning when they wake up or an hour after I have been gone to the store, they are filled with so much excitement and it amazes me each day.


  • The way I can actually feel my heart flip during precious moments. It is a feeling I am unable to explain to someone who doesn’t have children. The way I feel when I look at a precious picture of them or watch them be sweet to one another is the best feeling that I have ever felt in my life. My heart is fully theirs and I am in love with them more and more each day.
  • Watching their personalities form. Chase loves structure and rules. He gets excited when I get out the white board and we write down rules for the day. He is a people pleaser and is sweet, funny and witty all wrapped up in an adorable little boy. Reese could care less about rules and likes to push the limits. She doesn’t need to be entertained like Chase does and would be happy just sitting near me all day. She hugs and kisses me 100 times a day and has recently found a hilarious personality all of her own. Lane is only 1 so we are still trying to figure her out. She is feistier than the other two and is already competing in the humor department.
  • The little giggles that turn into uncontrollable laughter. The best sound in the world is your kids laughter. I should record it and play it over and over all day just to make me smile.



  • They think I have all of the answer. Apparently my kids think that I am the smartest human being in the world since they ask me a million things a day. I have often heard the kids say to their friends when they are over, “let’s go ask my Mommy, she’ll know!” I know they will figure out the truth pretty soon but right now I like being a genius in their books!
  • They think that I am a good mom on days I question it. There are so many times a day that I feel like I could be a better mom. I worry about  being left in charge each day to shape their little minds and help them to be respectful human beings. That’s a lot of pressure. My kids don’t question it though, and that is what matters.
  • They are so entertaining! Chase told me the other day that he doesn’t want to go to college because he doesn’t want to have a girl friend and that he doesn’t want to ever get married because he doesn’t want to move away from me. Reese came into my room the other day and asked if she could play dress up. After I answered, “yes you can Reese.” She began to cry uncontrollably stating that she “did not want to play dress up!” Lane isn’t talking yet but every time there is a noise like a car driving by or an airplane she does a nose dive into my lap. The other day my stomach growled and even that freaked her out as she flew into my lap.
  • My kids inspire me to do more things. I love finding new parks and beaches so that I have different places for the kids to explore. I never want them to lose that sense of adventure so I am always thinking of new and different ways we can have fun as a family.


  • The bond between moms. It’s like we all know what the other is going through. We can talk to our husbands until we are blue in the face about our feelings and issues but another mom just gets it and I love that. I am overwhelmed with the love and support I get from my mommy friends and I don’t know what I would do without them.
  • The bond I have with my husband now that we have created 3 beautiful beings.  No matter how annoyed I am that he always does this throat clearing thing or that he can’t stop shaking his foot when seated he will always be my children’s father. Seeing the love that he gives them, and vice versa makes me love him more each day.



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  1. avatar Sister Newly says:

    Love this post! Makes the “shoot me now” moments so worth it when you realize all the joy your kiddos bring 🙂

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