10 Random Facts About Me

funny faceIn honor of my 36th birthday today I thought I would share some facts about me. Ok, so nobody actually asked me to list any facts about myself but I feel the need to. After all, my readers need to know more about me….all 5 of you.



  • I am an unpaid janitor. If I go into a stall in a public restroom and it is a mess…I clean it up for fear that the person after me will think it was me who made the mess. I *may* have a problem with caring too much about what others think of me.
  • When I am stressed out I itch my left arm. I have to sleep with ice packs so that it keeps me from itching and years ago I went to bed with a frozen wine chiller on my arm and the next morning it was stuck so I had to peel it off and ended up taking up a bunch of skin with it. (Let’s just say I will never be a left arm model).
  • Years ago I tried out for a reality show called Lost. I didn’t get chosen but the producers of Fear Factor called me and told me that they wanted me to be on their show. (Since I am a major wimp and would never win any money for facing my fears, I said no).
  • I LOVE the smell of chalk. I should have been a teacher so I could sit around the classroom and bang erasers together in front of my face….ahhhhhhhh.
  • I love calendars and hand write everything on them. I cross out each day after it happens too.
  • I overly explain everything…and not just because I like to talk A LOT…but because, again, I am worried what others might think of me. For example, Chase got some fillings a month ago. His appt was at 8am and afterwards the dentist asked me, right in front of Chase, if I was going to take him to get a milk shake afterwards. Since the dentist then said that it was Dr.’s orders,” I headed straight for the nearest McDonalds. I felt the need to explain the story to the McDonald’s worker so that they didn’t judge me for getting a milkshake for my kid at 9:30am!
  • I was voted “most confused” in high school….and am still confused why?
  • I used to write down what I wore every day in high school so that I didn’t wear the same outfit in the same month.
  • My sister and I started a speed dating company called Minute Match when we moved to California. We always had so many men that signed up and at the last minute would have to call our female cousins and friends to fill in….even if they weren’t single.
  • My sister and I were on a reality show called EX-Treme Dating when we lived in California where we had to pretend that we both dated the same guy.

There you have it….don’t you feel closer to me already?


4 Responses to 10 Random Facts About Me

  1. avatar Kellie Rust says:

    lol – I feel like I know you so much better now! Not sure I want to.. but now I do. 🙂

    PS I too used to write down what I wore every day in high school so that I didn’t wear the same outfit in the same month – 🙂

    and me and my SIL tried out for Amazing Race! Remind me to show you that video someday!… or not.


  2. avatar April Street says:

    In dying right now. U seriously wrote down ur outfits????? I love it!! Hilarious!!!!!

  3. avatar Marianne says:

    LOL. I wished I had enough outfits in high school not to wear the same outfit twice in one month. I too care what people think, I have the same fears in the public stall. You now how six blog followers, I love your sense of humor.

  4. avatar Erin says:

    Thanks for the good old fashion chuckle. I must confess that I made a mental list of my high school outfits so I would not repeat in the same month. But my favorite part was your Minute Match scheme and recruiting your taken female friends and family so there were more warm bodies at the party. Talk about doing to you guys a solid!

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